New Patient Information

What to Expect

Initial Consultation and Treatment:  (45min- 1hr)

The first visit includes a consultation, evaluation, and treatment. Arrive with your paperwork finished to save your time!

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Consultation: Dr. Bryan is known for his authentic listening and empathetic attitude. Your history is important to learn the cause of your problem, so the most feedback you can give him the better.

Evaluation: The assessments determine the type of treatment that is right for you, and discover the root of the problem. Below are some of the evaluations made to find any spinal abnormalities:

  • X-Rays (only if necessary)
  • Range of Motion Evaluation
  • Structural/ postural analysis
  • Spinal Palpation

Treatment: Below are the treatment options included in the first visit. Other treatment options are available.

  • Chiropractic Spinal and Extremity Adjustments
  • Therapeutic Rehabilitation (PIR) / stretching/strengthening therapies and exercises.
  • Physical Therapy Modalities
  • Rehabilitation exercises

Follow-up Visit

Everything you need is included in the visits following your initial consultation. Appointments are 15-30 minutes long and the amount of visits you need will be determined by Dr. Bryan after the initial exam.