Get Moving Again!

Stretch and Exercise

Exercises, specifically formulated to reduce back pain, may also be suggested.  There are many exercises you can perform that will help to reduce back pain and keep your body healthy.  Dr. Bryan can discuss the exercises and stretches with you and show you how to perform them properly so that you are experiencing relief from pain and not exacerbating it by performing exercises incorrectly.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Dr. Bryan offers various methods of adjustments to fit your needs. Find out more about adjustments or call the office for further information.

Therapeutic Modality Services


​Therapeutic ultrasound is a noninvasive therapy that involves transmitting high-frequency sound waves into a specific part of the body. The sound waves cause a vibration deep in the tissue, which in turn creates a gentle heat that massages soft tissue. This will enhance tissue healing and help to eradicate the pain.
Benefits of Ultrasound:
• Treats Back/Neck Pain, Spasms, Joint Problems
• Increases blood flow
• Reduces Inflammation
• Improves recovery rate for damaged tissue
• Softens scar tissue in injured areas
• Increases oxygenation & nutrient flow
• Promotes removal of cell wastes

 Relaxation Muscle Therapy

This treatment releases muscle tension by applying gentle pressure to the area of the body. This therapy is very helpful to tension headaches, tight/ stiff muscles, and is commonly used for people who sit for long periods at a computer desk. This treatment is included in every visit just before the adjustment is applied. .



Contact the office to set up a consultation to discuss the best treatment to eradicate your pain.