Changing habits and building a routine takes a lot of effort and time. Eating healthier isn’t different. Here are some tips to get started!

  • A meal planning template is a great way to visualize what to make and buy for the week. Here are some free downloadable meal planning templates from Tip Junkie:
  • Designate one night a week to make leftovers to stretch in to other meals. For example: make a whole chicken for salads, sandwiches, nachos, etc.
    Prepare snacks for mid-morning and afternoon. Bags of nuts, fruits and vegetables can be easily put together and stored for you and your family to grab and go quickly on the way out the door. Expecting to be hungry in the mid-morning and afternoon prevents you from eating too much at lunch and dinner or a trip to the vending machine.
  • Use a slow cooker to come home to a warm healthy meal at the end of a busy day.
  • Look to Pinterest and other nutrition blogs for easy recipes.

Planning and preparing meals in advance is good for your peace of mind, wallet, and waistline. Start saving time and money, and losing weight today!!

Natalie Frazell